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Photography means freedom.
The freedom to express myself without the necessity of using words. To let the image ‘say all whilst saying nothing’.

The photo tells it all. It expresses emotions, feelings and creates a certain atmosphere.
I try to produce images that hopefully touch the viewer as much as I was during the photo-session. Images of which the context is very hard or impossible to translate.
Sometimes I am very touched by a piece of music and I am unable to tell exactly why it touched me. This is the kind of photography I am after.
Using all means available to produce this effect, like scratching the photo, working on it with chemicals etcetera, helps me to give a photo that all important extra effect.

The focus is on elements like emotion and they are conveyed in their purest form if the image displayed is not so clear and recognisable. It will leave space for the nessecary imagination.

I try to conduct photography without thinking too much, guided by my intuition. Using the camera as a form of meditation.

In a way you could say that I try to capture that what is not visible in the photo.
A background or the space in between the objects as a zen-buddhist would discribe it.

If you start to think you’ll instantly categorise the world in categories as beautiful versus ugly, right versus wrong or me versus the world.
In this way the ‘I’ views with a preconcepted view and has lost its freedom of viewing without prejustice.

When taking photos sometimes I get totally absorbed by the subject and at that moment one can say that there is no ‘me’.
The subject and me have become one
It is a question of letting all thoughts go. Freedom remains.

About Zenplicity:

Zenplicity in the Japanese translation means zenkanso (禅簡素), which is an aggregation of the words zen () plus the word simplicity (簡素) whereby simplicity stands for simplifying as a way of life. Japanese people refer to it as Wabi Sabi. This simplicity or Wabi Sabi I implement in my photography work.



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